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The Service We Provide

McClain Resources


McClain Resources is your comprehensive services partner for HR, leadership & organizational development, recruitment, employee benefits, employee & labor relations, and HR operations. We service companies of all sizes, from the small business and start up market to enterprise level businesses, with a particular expertise in gaming, hospitality, and healthcare industries.


Our broad range of services focus on creating a full Human Resources functionality in your business regardless of scale. We are your strategic, valued partner for customized support systems to meet the unique needs of your company.


HR Consulting

McClain Resources provides seasoned HR leaders that have a deep bench of knowledge and talent to tackle any business opportunity where people are involved in the solution. Allow us to support your strategic HR planning and/or your day to day needs in HR. We have the solutions for you.


Executive Coaching

Inspires greater awareness of mindset, behaviors and practices that might be impacting one's ability to achieve their best in life and at work.


Small Business Solutions

Can’t afford to employ an experienced, full time Human Resources professional? Let McClain Resources be your HR partner so you can focus on running your business. We can provide a variety of HR Services customized to the needs of your business and have expertise in all areas of Human Resources.​


Leadership & Organizational Development

Finding the right team member for your business is one challenge but keeping them is another. When companies invest in the development of their people it allows the person to contribute their best. When you get the best from your team, your company can drive stronger results. McClain Resources specializes in aligning your team to support, embody your company strategy and culture through development efforts. 


McClain Resources solutions delivered via webinar, in-person facilitation and/or one-on-one coaching relationship for the development of your team. We have off the shelf solutions as well as customizable training to fit your organization’s needs. 


We believe if you improve the person, you will improve the overall results of the company. Through our high impact, dynamic training solutions your organization develop a high performing team. We can offer training in most topics your organization might need, below are a few titles we have to support your company:

  • Developing mission, vision, values

  • Strategic planning

  • Building high performance teams

  • Coaching for success

  • Developing a culture of accountability

  • Effective communication

  • Setting performance expectations

  • Courageous conversations

  • HR 101 for Leaders

  • Navigating a collective bargaining agreement

  • Customer service


Predictive Index

McClain Resources is a certified partner of Predictive Index helping your company make data driven decisions to hire the right fit and match for your open positions.

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