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Executive Coaching

McClain Resources

Do you feel that you haven’t reached your full potential? Are you plagued with insecurity, negative thoughts, doubt or feeling not good enough or unworthy of success? Or, perhaps you have a goal that you want to achieve or a relationship you are in struggling with.


Coaching is a powerful way forward.


Work privately one-on-one with a coach to increase your performance levels in your business or life. Uncover and easily move past mindset blocks, be held accountable, reveal your goals, and know that you have someone in your corner as you dig deep and find your grit to push through challenges of growth. Leave your coaching session feeling re-energized, focused and clarity to be successful. 


McClain Resources coaches are hand selected, with coaching credentials and proven track records of success in their own careers and lives. We have a passion to provide a safe space for individuals, teams, and companies to find their best and go for it! Having an excellent coach isn’t about that coach being the very best at what you are working towards, but rather the coach having the ability to draw out the best in you to achieve success. A coach allows you to shift your mindset, tap into your personal motivation and change your life. Bringing out the best in others is where a coach adds value and expertise. 


Your coach will become a trusted friend who believes in you and expects the best from you. Your coach will challenge you to perform at your best. Your coach will stay connected and conduct coaching sessions in-person, over the phone and/or video conference.

What Are the Benefits of Coaching?

Clarity of Purpose

Get focused on goals, outcomes

that will improve your life.

Enhance Leadership Skills

Break through limitations. Gain new skills

to take your life to new heights.

Improve Your Health

Learn how to handle stress, improve energy and vitality.

Stay committed to re-fueling yourself in healthy ways.

Enhance Relationships

Learn to show up at your best, creating lifelong

satisfaction in your relationship with yourself and others.

Grow Your Business

Perspective is everything. Understand the beliefs that

are holding you from achieving your desired success. 

Step out of your comfort zone to increases sales and profitability.

Change Your Life

Access courage, grit, bravery, passion and confidence

to achieve your goals and overcome any of life’s curveballs.

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